Christmas Day – Kuta, Lombok

We were woken up at 4am on Christmas Day by the prayer call going off in the mosque right next to us (Lombok, and the rest of Indonesia, is mainly Muslim whereas Bali is mainly Hindu). This was after what felt like a night of no sleep. The power cut meant the fan wasn’t working, and when it did work it hardly made a difference because we were surrounded by a thick mosquito net. We hadn’t secured it very well though as we woke with a number of mosquitos buzzing around us and biting us.

Anyway, it was Christmas Day and we were eager to get up and face-time our families. We could rest later. 

Christmas treat from Same Same Bungalows

It was such a beautiful hot day. We had breakfast at our place (banana pancakes for me and sunny side up eggs on toast for Matt) and then decided to rent a scooter and venture out to the beaches close by. The roads here are pretty quiet, the main traffic is scooters and motorbikes, the odd car or truck, buffalo, dogs and pedestrians. Oh and we saw our first green snake on the road too! 

We rented this scooter from our place for 50000IDR per day (around $5).

Matt with his eyes on the road didn’t notice this little insect on his arm

Some of the buffalo walking down the street

We first went to Mawun beach, which is a really nice little beach about a 30minutes drive from Kuta..

Coming in to Mawun Beach

Matt and I on the beach

The waves don’t look that big here, but they were actually huge. It’s was quite fun just watching people get pushed over by them.

Me with a coconut we bought off one of the kids. We also payed to sit on these chairs and umbrellas, we would have been happy to just sit on the sand but we thought this might get them off our backs. It didn’t really, the kids kept coming up to us trying to sell us things. 

Hot sunny day and beautiful beach

We had to take turns swimming, as we didn’t feel safe leaving our bag around.

We stayed at the beach for a couple of hours, swimming and relaxing. We went back to Kuta in the afternoon to check back in with friends and families and to get out of the sun for a bit.

We drove past this KFC on our way back – thought it was pretty great. Also Kuta’s #1 All Blacks supporter on the bike. 

We had a couple of Bintangs with some of the people staying at Same Same. A guy from Germany, Holland, Canada and a girl from Belgium. Someone recommended a meditiranian restaurant ‘El Bazaar’ which is meant to be the nicest in the area, so we went and booked in for a Christmas dinner. While we were hanging out at Same Same, we heard this really loud music that seemed to be getting closer and closer. The guy who worked there told us it was a wedding and they were walking down the street, so we all went out on the road to watch. 

The wedding party was amazing! It would have been a couple of hundred people all dressed up walking down the middle of the road. There were all these mobile bands going past where people would be carrying the speakers on wheels and after it was attached the band (guitars drums etc) all walking while playing. There were heaps of people out on the streets just watching and heaps of people dancing along having a great time. Then there was the traffic, heaps of scooters and cars piled up for ages after as this was the main road in and out of Kuta. We are guttered we didn’t take any photos. 

We then went out for dinner at El Bazaar. The food was really good! We shared a mezze platter to start and then had a lamb tagine (NZ lamb) and chicken tagine. The meals were huge and delicious. Everyone working there was wearing santa hats and saying Merry Christmas. 

Matt with the mezze platter

The dinner was really nice, and still pretty cheap. I think it cost us around 400 000 IDR all up (about $40!). We then went back to our room, sprayed the room with fly spray that we had bought, tucked ourselves extra tight into the mosquito net, watched some of ‘Love Actualy’ on my ipad, took a sleeping tablet and had a great well-needed sleep.

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